Jobs for Physically Disabled Persons Help Them Continue Earning an Income and Finding Purpose in Life

After a person becomes physically disabled due to an injury or a serious illness, returning to the previous job may be impossible. The individual will likely qualify for disability benefits, but many people would rather stay in the workforce full-time and continue to earn a living wage. Fortunately, many suitable jobs for physically disabled individuals are available in a variety of fields. A bit of research sheds light on occupations that can be performed by persons with specific kinds of ability challenges.

People who have developed a disability may no longer be able to do a range of occupational functions they once were responsible for. Nevertheless, it’s common for disabled individuals to want to continue being gainfully employed. They want to contribute to supporting a family and a household. And not only do they want a higher income than disability benefits provide, they like being productive. They appreciate accomplishing important tasks each day for an organization. They like the social aspect of having a job. Going to work makes them feel like part of a community, and they enjoy friendships and colleague relationships they establish there.

Because of regulations that have come into place over the years, people have better accessibility to places of employment than ever before. Ramps, automatic doors, wide doorways and elevators all contribute to accessibility. Those are fundamental features that allow disabled individuals to enter and maneuver around buildings, but they still need occupational tasks they can perform. Many people who have suffered an injury that compromises their walking ability can still do desk jobs or other projects that can be performed while sitting. Workers who have previously relied on jobs requiring physical labor may find the transition difficult, but they should be able to acquire benefits for retraining that boost their chances for employment.

Working at a full-time job can even help the person recover emotionally from the traumatic and life-changing episode. Being gainfully employed contributes to the person’s sense of self-worth, self-esteem and meaning in life. It allows this individual to understand that it’s possible to move forward and continue to have rewarding experiences in the future.